Angie Tribeca Binge-a-thon Social Content

Role: Senior Copywriter

Angie Tribeca Binge-a-thon

Angie Tribeca is a comedy TV series created by Steve and Nancy Carell that essentially spoofs police procedurals. On January 17th, 2016, TBS premiered the entire first season during the Binge-A-Thon, playing every episode on repeat for 25 hours. During that time, we at VaynerMedia filled our coffee mugs and locked ourselves in war rooms (both in the office and backstage at the on-air telethon) to bombard fans with hilarious, engaging, custom content as the episodes played on air.

The Binge-A-Thon was a massive undertaking by the entire team, working together to concept, write, create, and share a huge amount of content towards fans almost instantaneously. During those 25 hours, we:

– Created 2,100+ pieces of original content

– Made 112.2MM hashtag impressions

– Trended at #2 on Twitter for over five hours straight

I won’t share all 2,100 pieces of content, but here are a few examples:

The Hyper Binge

Prior to the Binge-A-Thon we targeted super influential, yet super busy people who might be into the show. We knew they wouldn’t have time for the full 25 hours, so we, being the courteous people that we are, sent them this ridiculous, super condensed, 61.75-second version of the entire season.

Binge Tips

Throughout the Binge-A-Thon we posted tips that got progressively more ridiculous the deeper into the binge our fans got.


Fan Critical Acclaim

Through it all, we wanted our fans to know that their voices did not go unnoticed. So we paired their tweets with show clips, had a VO guy read their praises, and posted them right back out via Twitter within minutes. As a result, many minds were blown.

Inside Angie

We also pulled fan usernames and profile photos, dropped them into show clips, and served them back via Twitter, while telling users to watch for their guest appearance.

Hyper Recaps

For those who missed any of the episodes, we condensed each one into a short, six-second recap on Instagram, so that fans could quickly catch up and resume the Binge-a-Thon.

Overseeing Continuing Content

After the Binge-A-Thon I continued to oversee content creation over an extremely talented mid-level team, churning out content especially focused on guest stars: