Search Party Season 1 Social Content

Role: Senior Copywriter
Agency: VaynerMedia

Search Party is a satirical comedy about five self-absorbed twenty-somethings trying to navigate through their twenties. When an old college acquaintance goes missing, the main character (Dory) decides to channel her boredom with life into finding her missing “friend.”

We worked with the show writers to bring the satirical  comedy of a generation of lost young adults to life on social, often calling out specific jokes and moments in a relatable way, while letting the comedy of the show speak for itself.

Ahead of premiere, we created simple fan acquisition ads to entice our potential audience to like or follow us.

Post Copy: When you’re oblivious AF that your life is actually in shambles. Like us if you relate.

Post Copy: A relatable dark comedy for anyone who’s ever felt lost. Or just overly dramatic.

Post Copy: That look when you have no idea what you’re doing with your life. Follow this new dark comedy if you can relate.

Promotional Trailers

Not sure who Chantal is, but we have nine mutual friends so she must be someone.
Search Party premieres Nov. 21 on TBS Network.

If you go missing and nobody posts about it, did you really even go missing at all?
Search Party premieres Nov. 21 on TBS Network.


Facebook Live: Slumber Party
During the premiere party the cast and creators broadcast a Facebook Live slumber party. To help make it more interactive and entertaining, we came up with the “Magic Search Ball” (a branded Magic 8 ball) to encourage viewers to ask their existential life questions and have them answered live. For those who didn’t have theirs read live, we responded with GIFs shaking to reveal witty custom Magic Search Ball answers.

Typical to any sleepover, we also had them prank call the Executive Producer Michael Showalter live.

#InSearchOf Video
The overall campaign used the hashtag #InSearchOf to find out what viewers were looking for in their lives. So we got the cast to tell us what they and their characters might be #InSearchOf. From there we cut together a video posing the question to fans, encouraging them to respond on social. After monitoring responses, we surprised one lucky fan who was #InSearchOf debt relief by paying $15k towards her student loan.

The entire first season of Search Party premiered with a totally unique play pattern—two episodes a night for five nights straight—plus it was made available to watch in its entirety On Demand. We created a video to inform people how the can watch by extending an attention-grabbing scene from the series premiere.

Once the season aired, we highlighted key moments from the show by pulling clips and one-liners to create a series of GIFs and clips, using post copy to accentuate the humor.