Sony Pictures: Sex Tape Leaked Tape Social Media Prank

Role: Copywriter
Agency: Iris Worldwide

Sony Pictures asked us to come up with a digital campaign to promote the movie Sex Tape. The film is about a couple who experience the ultimate “oh shit moment” when their sex tape is accidentally sent to all of their contacts via the cloud.

With this campaign we decided to play up that relatable, heart-stopping “oh shit moment” that you experience from carelessly hitting Reply All or accidentally sexting the wrong person.

We created a digital experience that allows users to prank a friend into thinking that an embarrassing video of them has made its way online, and all of their friends have already seen it.

Landing page that the user scrolls through to fill out:

The user is able to personalize the experience by choosing an embarrassing event (a wild night out, a work party, a bachelorette party, etc.), an embarrassing action (showed too much PDA, got a little naked, were caught doing something on a security camera, etc.).

Then they are asked to enter the names of a few mutual friends to help personalize the prank.

The customized prank page is generated for the user to preview and send as a simple link to the prankee.


iPhone Sex Tape Text

When the prankee receives the message and clicks on the link, they’re taken to a page that looks as though the video has been removed for violating the terms of service. But they’ll still see the customized title and comments from friends, along with a ton of views, allowing them to experience their own oh shit moment while trying to figure things out.


After a few seconds (or if the prankee clicks on the page) a message will pop up, notifying them that they’ve just been pranked. From there they’ll be able to watch the trailer or prank a friend themselves.


A second example:24