Wrecked Season 1 Social Content

Role: Senior Copywriter

Wrecked is a comedy about a group of strangers who survive a plane crash and end up stranded on an island together with no real survival skills. Throughout its premiere season, we brought the absurd humor of Wrecked to life on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

One of my favorite posts came when Wrecked was renewed for a second season only three episodes into the first. We were asked to write a simple Tweet to announce this, but without much fan affinity or information about the upcoming season, we used the opportunity to shoot an original piece of content playing up the show’s vulgar humor.

Since the most recent episode at the time of the announcement was all about a suitcase full of sex toys washing ashore, we bought a dildo like the one they pulled out in the episode, drew the Wrecked logo on it along with a Season 2 announcement, and headed over to a secluded beach in Malibu to shoot it washing ashore. A few hours later we posted the announcement across all of our social channels.

Throughout the entire season this post managed to be the highest performing piece of original content (without paid media behind it), but we didn’t stop at sex toy jokes.

Soft Launch of Lotus Airlines
We started by creating social channels for the airline that crashes in the show, positioning them as an ultra low-cost carrier offering super cheap deals on one-way only flights.

Facebook Live: The Phuket Flight Crashes
A few days before premiere, we started targeting fans of similar shows by sending out digital boarding passes for the Facebook Live event. When viewers tuned in, they saw a sneak preview of the crash scene from the first episode.

Once we moved into premiere we began posting different series of show-related content to drive tune-in.

Emergency Seat Back Safety Cards

Passport Character Cards

Tune In Messaging Highlighting Show Clips

A Look at Life on the Island
We used a mix of original content and behind-the-scenes footage on Instagram to bring the world of Wrecked to life from the point of view of a random, cynical passenger.

Well I guess we didn’t make it to Thailand. Looks like we’re in hell. Maybe Florida? #getwrecked

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Found this dead guy in the wreckage. Now I’m craving hot dogs. #HotDogsOrLegs #GetWrecked

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With no budget, we were asked to promote the two-episode season finale with the goal of getting the hashtag trending on Twitter. So we created relatable “that moment when” style GIFs to share at different moments throughout the day. By the time we reached premiere, we were trending on Twitter.